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Feature rich – Hunt groups, Queues, Auto attendant, simultaneous calls, call recording, call forwarding, fax to email & more
Easy online management with comprehensive help
Cost effective - Cheaper call rates & monthly charges (compared to PSTN/ISDN)
Free VoIP calls across the platform
24/7 UK based technical support
Rapid provisioning

·         Business grade VoIP service

·         Flexible PBX functionality

·         Multi-site communication

·         Add or remove DDI extensions to suit business changes

·         No 12month contract (30 day cancellation period only)

·         Choice of UK STD codes

·         Free calls to other Calling Places customers (On-net calls)

·         Use with standard SIP hardware or softphone on your PC













VoIP Enrich is a hosted Voice over IP service designed for multiple users and small to medium sized businesses. Each VoIP Enrich account can accommodate multiple UK geographical or non geographical numbers and allow multiple users to share the same account features.

VoIP Enrich Pricing


Setup Fee


VoIP Enrich (1st user/extension)



VoIP Enrich Additional Features

Additional user license includes:

Extension number

Geographical/Non-geograpical number


Trunks (2)



Additional Call Queue



Additional Hunt Group



All prices exclude VAT. E&OE.


What features does VoIP Enrich include?

Auto Attendant – This is an automated answering system which routes calls to the appropriate extension or group based on caller responses to the voice prompts defined by you. Auto Attendant replaces the human operator and therefore is considered to be a key telephone system feature that helps businesses to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Hunt Group – You can pre-define a group of users/extensions and enable incoming calls to be routed within this group until they are answered. This is a very simple way of ensuring that the incoming call is retained. There are two routing strategies that your customers can select. These are: ‘Ring All’ (to ring all users in the group at the same time) or ‘Round Robin’ (to ring users consecutively). Callers hear a ringing tone when the call is being routed to the hunt group.

Call Queue – Our Call Queue serves the same functionality as a Hunt Group but boasts more advanced features. Firstly, it has more routing strategy options. In addition to Ring All and Round Robin, your customers can choose ‘Least Recent’ (to always ring the user who received an incoming call least recently), ‘Fewest Call’ (to always ring the user who receives the fewest incoming calls) and ‘Random’ (to ring randomly between users). Secondly, the Call Queue also offers a ‘Music on Hold’ option in addition to the traditional ringing tone to present a more professional image to callers.

The VoIP Enrich service includes one of each of the above features as standard. Additional Hunt Groups and Call Queues are available for an additional monthly charge.

Web-based VoIP Enrich User Portal – This is an online portal where customers can manage their VoIP Enrich account. This is a very easy way to manage a VoIP account wherever the users are. All the call features can be edited on the User Portal and any changes made on the portal are updated immediately.

UK geographical (01/02) or non geographical (0845) Number– Each VoIP Enrich Account includes one UK geographical or non geographical number and you can upgrade the account by adding additional DDI numbers to accommodate more users.

Extension number – Each DDI number is allocated with an internal extension number. This allows your customers to make internal calls by just dialling the extension number.

Voicemail – One voicemail per DDI/extension number. Users can retrieve voicemail from their phone and by email (voicemail will be delivered to a designated email address as a WAV file).

Follow Me – Extension users can forward incoming calls to up to 5 different telephone numbers (which can be either internal or external numbers) via the User Portal. Follow Me numbers can be setup to ring consecutively, or to ring all 5 numbers at the same time.

Extension-level outgoing call permission – The Administrator can setup outgoing call permissions at extension level. The Administrator can bar all outgoing calls from an extension user, or bar certain types of outgoing calls (such as premium rate calls or mobile calls) only.

Real-time call data – All call information is available on the User Portal in real-time for information and monitoring purposes.

What other features from VoIP Express are included?
Each VoIP Enrich account also includes the following features:

Caller ID withheld – You can hide Your VoIP telephone numbers for your outgoing calls so that recipients do not see your VoIP telephone number.

Anonymous Call Rejection – You can activate this feature if you do not want to receive any calls without CLI presentation (number withheld)

Black List – This is a call screening facility that allows you to block unwanted incoming calls. All incoming calls from the numbers on a your black list will be blocked or diverted to a voicemail. You can manage your black list on the User Portal by simply adding the telephone numbers to the list.

White List – This is an advanced Do-Not-Disturb feature. If the white list feature is activated and there is no number on the white list, then all incoming calls to your VoIP number will be blocked or diverted to voicemail (similar to Do-Not-Disturb feature). However, if this feature is activated with telephone numbers added to the white list, then the system will allow incoming calls from these white list numbers only. This is particularly useful when you wish to receive important calls even under Do-Not-Disturb mode.

SMS – The VoIP account enables you to receive SMS text messages on your VoIP telephone numbers. If an SMS is sent to your VoIP account, your phone will ring and the message will be played back when the phone is picked up. You can also send SMS texts to a mobile number via the User Portal. Outgoing text messages are charged at 10p per text.

Tariff checker
Check the tariff for a destination before you place the call by entering the number into the tariff checker on the VoIP Express User Portal. Real-time call data All call information is available within the ‘Call History’ section of the VoIP Express User Portal in real time for information and monitoring purposes.

How many simultaneous calls can be made on a single VoIP Enrich account?

The VoIP Enrich service allows multiple simultaneous calls. Calling Places allocates two simultaneous calls per DDI/user/extension in the account. For example, the standard VoIP Enrich account which includes one DDI/user/extension allows two simultaneous call capacity. If you upgrade the system to accommodate 4 additional users (a total of 5 users), the system is able to handle 10 simultaneous calls. The simultaneous calls can be used in any incoming or outgoing combination. For example you can have 5 simultaneous incoming calls and 5 outgoing calls, or have 10 outgoing calls at one time. If an incoming call occurs when the system reaches its maximum simultaneous call capacity, the system will return with an engaged tone.

Please note the extension level dialling does not take up the simultaneous call capacity.

How is VoIP Enrich billed?

VoIP Enrich monthly service rental is charged in advance and all chargeable calls are billed in arrears in a single bill. All post-pay accounts are subject to Calling Places/Entanet's credit search.

What is an “on-net” call?

Calls from a VoIP Enrich account to any other VoIP users on Calling Places VoIP network are classified as ‘on-net’ calls. All on-net calls are free of charge. Calling Places does not limit the number of on-net calls that customers can make per account.

What is an “off-net” call?

Calls to any numbers outside Calling Places VoIP network are classified as ‘off-net’ calls. For example, calls to PSTN numbers, calls to mobile numbers or calls to other VoIP providers’ VoIP telephone numbers.

Off-net calls are chargeable. The charge to each different destination can be found on the User Portal under ‘Tariff List’. Off-net calls are charged on a per second basis and are rounded up to the nearest penny.

What level of support and service is available?

All VoIP Enrich customers have access to Calling Places / Entanet 24/7 technical support team based in the UK. Calls to the support team from a VoIP Enrich account are completely free of charge.

Is there any minimum contract for VoIP Enrich?

There are no minimum contract terms on the VoIP Enrich service. However, a 30 day cancellation notice applies.

Real-time call data – All call information is available on the User Portal in real-time for information and monitoring purposes.

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