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VoIP Elite


VoIP Elite is a hosted Voice over IP service designed for corporate, large companies and businesses who require customised telephone management solutions. The VoIP Elite system can accommodate multiple UK geographical and non geographical (0845) numbers and allow multiple users to share the same account features.

Web-based VoIP Elite Administrator Console – This is an online portal where you can manage your VoIP Elite systems. All the call features can be edited on the User Portal and any changes made on the portal are updated immediately. Calling Places enables two types of access to the VoIP Elite Console:

  • Administrator-level Login – This login gives you full access to the system and all changeable features are viewable by the Administrator. This login detail is recommended to be only given to a limited number of people such as the IT Manager in the company.
  • User-level Login – The Administrator can create User-level Logins on the VoIP Elite Administrator Console. User-level Login enables the users to manage their own voicemail and some other functionalities that the Administrator permits the users to use.
UK geographical (01/02 DDI number) or non geographical (0845) Number – Elite offers telephone numbers that cover 650 UK STD codes. You can select any UK geographical number you want, even if you are based in a different UK geographical location.

Extension number – Each DDI number is allocated with an internal extension number. This allows you to make internal calls by just dialling the extension number.

Voicemail – One voicemail per DDI/extension number. You can retrieve voicemail from your phone and by email (voicemail will be delivered to a designated email address as a WAV file).

Follow Me – Extension users can forward incoming calls to up to 5 different telephone numbers (which can be either internal or external numbers) via the User Portal. Follow Me numbers can be setup to ring consecutively, or to ring all 5 numbers at the same time.

Extension-level outgoing call permission – The Administrator can setup outgoing call permissions at extension level. The Administrator can bar all outgoing calls from an extension user, or bar certain type of outgoing calls (such as premium rate calls or mobile calls) only.

Real-time call data – All call information is available on the User Portal in real-time for information and monitoring purposes.

You can also opt for additional features below with a small monthly charge:

Auto Attendant – This is an automated answering system which routes calls to the appropriate extension or group based on caller responses to the voice prompts defined by you. Auto Attendant replaces the human operator and therefore is considered to be a key telephone system feature that helps businesses to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Hunt Group – You can pre-define a group of users/extensions and enable incoming calls to be routed within this group until they are answered. This is a very simple way of ensuring that the incoming call is retained. There are two routing strategies that you can select. These are: ‘Ring All’ (to ring all users in the group at the same time) or ‘Round Robin’ (to ring users consecutively). Callers hear a ringing tone when the call is being routed to the hunt group.

Call Queue – Elite call queue serves the same functionality as Hunt Group but boasts more advanced features. Firstly, it has more routing strategy option. In addition to Ring All and Round Robin, you can choose ‘Least Recent’ (to always ring the user who received an incoming call least recently), ‘Fewest Call’ (to always ring the user who receives the fewest incoming calls) and ‘Random’ (to ring randomly between users). Secondly, the Call Queue also offers a Music On Hold option in addition to the traditional ringing tone to present a more professional image to callers.

ISDN 30 backup – ISDN line can be installed on you premises and connected to the VoIP Elite system as a backup line to make calls in the case that VoIP service fails.

Bespoke requirements – If you have any specific requirements, please feel free
to ask for assistance! Bespoke solutions such as CRM Integration and Call Recording can be
customised on the Elite system on a case by case basis.


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Service Status Link:  Entanet Service Status*
*This status page covers the whole of the Calling Places/Entanet network.

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