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VoIP EasyAccess - SIP Trunking

If you have the in-house technical knowledge to build your own VoIP platform and simply need a call termination service to route the calls from your system to the outside PSTN network, VoIP EasyAccess completes the call termination element.

Purchase an Entanet leased line and benefit from:

  • A flexible trunking solution
  • Flexible numbering solution - UK geo numbers (650 UK STD codes) and non-geo numbers (0845)
  • Existing BT numbers can be migrated to the Entanet VoIP Network
  • No minimum contract - just 30 days cancellation period
  • 24/7 UK based technical support
VoIP EasyAccess is a SIP Trunking service that provides call termination complete with full UK geographical (01 and 02 telephone numbers) and non geographical (0845) numbering.

Illustration: Entanet VoIP EasyAccess - click for larger version

VoIP EasyAccess

If you have already invested in an IP enabled PBX (telephone system) that you wish to retain when converting outgoing calls to VoIP, Then VoIP EasyAccess enables you to access Calling Places/Entanet’s VoIP network from your own IP server.

What charges are applicable?
There are three (3) charge items in VoIP EasyAccess. This product is charged per SIP trunk and per DDI number.

1. SIP Trunks – You order the number of SIP Trunks you need from Calling Places/Entanet, each trunk enabling you to carry one call at a time.

2. DDIs – You can also order UK DDI numbers from. These numbers can be used for receiving incoming calls on and can also be the presenting telephone numbers from the trunk when making outgoing calls.

3. Call charges – All outgoing calls are charged in arrears on a pence per minute basis.
How is it billed?

Monthly trunk license and DDI numbering is charged in advance. Invoices are sent out on a monthly basis.

What is an “on-net” call?
Calls from a VoIP Express account to any other VoIP users on Calling Places/Entanet’s VoIP network are classified as ‘on-net’ calls. All on-net calls are free of charge and we do not limit the number of on-net calls that customers can make per account.

What is an “off-net” call?
Calls to any numbers outside Calling Places/Entanet’s VoIP network are classified as ‘off-net’ calls. For example, calls to PSTN numbers, calls to mobile numbers or calls to any other non Calling Places/Entanet VoIP numbers.
Off-net calls are chargeable. The charge to each different destination can be found on the User Portal under ‘Tariff List’. Off-net calls are charged on a per second basis and are rounded up to the nearest penny. Sample call costs can be found here.

What level of support and service is available?
All VoIP Express customers have access to Calling Places/Entanet’s 24/7 UK-based technical support team. Calls to the support team from a VoIP account are completely free of charge.

Please bear in mind that Calling Places/Entanet is only responsible in the numbering and call termination. The responsibility of the hardware that handles the calls is entirely yours (or your customer’s) responsibility.

What is the lead time?

Once an order is placed, our technician will contact you by phone within 2 working days to help you setup the connection.

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Service Status Link:  Entanet Service Status*
*This status page covers the whole of the Calling Places/Entanet network.
Calling Places partners with specialist IT solutions providers. For more information and to ensure your enquiry is directed appropriately, please contact our sales consultants on 0208 810 6609 or sales@callingplaces.com

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