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VoIP Account Tutorial

Welcome. This tutorial provides essential information about setting up and using your FREE Calling Places VoIP account.

Managing your VoIP account details

Our Control Panel enables you to set up and manage numerous features and options within your account, including topping up your account for chargeable calls, sending SMS messages and listening to voicemail messages.


Configuring SIP clients

Due to the numerous softphones and SIP devices available, we only give general advice regarding configuration. The following details are sufficient for most installations.

  • Proxy Address: proxy.entacall.com

  • Username: TBA by email

  • Password: TBA by email


We support the following codecs:

  • ulaw, alaw, g726, gsm, g729

  • NAT Traversal is supported.

Firewall requirements

The following ports need to be open:

  • 5060 TCP & UDP

  • 10000 20000 UDP

If you experience problems with one way audio or call drops after a number of seconds then the problem is almost certainly a firewall/NAT issue.

Try specifying a STUN server such as stun.counterpath.net. Also, some ATAs and IP phones will need to know the routable IP of the NAT router. Check firewall logs to make sure both signaling (port 5060) and media (ports 10000:20000) are passing through both ways.

Lynksis PAP2 Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA) Configuration for VoIP Enrich and VoIP Express.

Linksys need a little tweaking on the settings to get it working correctly

Login as admin then click on advanced

Click on extension 1
Proxy: proxy.entacall.com
The use outbound proxy should be set to: no
Display name: your username 441234567 etc
Userid: your username again
Password: your password
Use Auth ID is set to: no

I take it your using nat on your router then make sure under extension 1 Nat settings, the following need to set to yes
Nat Mapping enable: Yes
Keep Nat Alive enable: Yes

Save then click on sip
Scroll down to the bottom and where it says nat support parameters, set the following to yes

Handle VIA received:
Insert VIA received:

Handle VIA rport:
Insert VIA rport:
Send Resp to Src port:

Example Asterisk Configuration.


  • register => 44123456789:mypass@proxy.entacall.com/myexten
  • [entacall]
  • type=friend
  • username=44123456789
  • secret=mypass
  • host=proxy.entacall.com
  • nat=no ; yes depending on config
  • authuser=44123456789
  • dtmfmode=rfc2833
  • context=default
  • insecure=very
  • canreinvite=no
  • allow=ulaw


exten => _9.,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:1}@entacall|120|t)

The above example is a minimum requirement.

Testing your account

Once you have successfully registered with us, you will see the name of the User Agent on the portal site www.voipuserportal.co.uk.

An echo service is available by calling 121. If you can hear your voice echoed back to you then signaling and media are both working correctly. This is also a useful check for latency  issues.

Additionally, call your VoIP number from the PSTN/Mobile network to make sure incoming calls are accepted.

Similarly, calls to other Calling Places/Entanet VoIP subscribers are free of charge at all times.

Additional Features

Your free VoIP account provides the following features.

  • Voicemail with email notification and web retrieval
  • Call Forwarding.
  • Anonymous Caller Reject
  • Withhold CLI
  • Black List
  • White List
  • SMS sending
  • Auto credit top

Some of the above features are dependent on call credit being available.

Useful Numbers

  • Voicemail 1571
  • Current Credit 122
  • Echo Test 121
  • Telephone number reminder 123

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Service Status Link:  Entanet Service Status*
*This status page covers the whole of the Calling Places/Entanet network.

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