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The Global Broadband Speed Test

Start your  by clicking SPEEDTEST.NET below.

 Test your Internet connection speed at Speedtest.net

Speedtest Privacy: http://www.speedtest.net/privacy.php

For the most accurate results avoid any other internet activity going on at the same time. It's normal to get different speed results when testing your internet connection during different times of the day. You may see a slower speed in the evening for example, when there are likely to be lots of people using the internet. Depending on your internet provider and your BT Exchange there may be some congestion or speed throttling occurring.

To get the best results run the speed test at different times of the day - mid-morning during the week will often show the best speeds your connection can get. Your type of ADSL Router may also have an effect on your internet connection speed.


What is Speedtest.net?



Speedtest.net is a broadband speed analysis tool that allows anyone to test their Internet connection. Ookla provides this service for free to anyone curious about the performance of their connection to and from hundreds of locations around the world. Whether you test just for fun or you really need to certify and validate the true speed of your Internet connectivity, Speedtest.net is the place to be. You can view all of your historical results, share them easily, and even compare them to others in your immediate area or around the globe.

Our technology is used to perform over one million tests every day, making it the world-wide standard in bandwidth testing. Speedtest.net is owned and operated by Ookla, a team of technology veterans who believe the Internet should always be an open network for the exchange of ideas and information across town and or around the globe.

Speedtest.net itself experiences over twenty million tests every month providing unparalleled global broadband statistics. At no cost, anyone can use our World Results section to browse top bandwidth speed by country, or narrow down statistics to very specific locations. If you require more detailed information on global broadband statistics please contact us. We can provide raw data or specialized reports on either a one-time cost or subscription basis. Join the many governments, universities, and corporate organizations that have utilized Speedtest.net data as a unique resource.


Use Speedtest.net to test the speed of your Internet connection.

See if you are getting what you pay for and share your results with others!


Speedtest.net performs three key measurements used to determine the overall quality and performance of your Internet connection.

- Download Speed
The speed at which data is sent from the Internet to your computer
- Upload Speed
The speed at which data is sent from your computer to the Internet
- Ping (Latency)
The time it takes in milliseconds for a small piece of data to be sent from your computer to the Internet and back


Try it here: http://www.speedtest.net/index.php

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