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You can order new PSTN, ISDN2 & ISDN30 lines from us, including a full range of network features. You can also arrange to transfer your existing PSTN, ISDN2 & ISDN30 services to us.

New lines are automatically placed on our lower cost calls tariff; and when you place an order to transfer existing lines you can choose if you want to use this tariff as well - all on the same order form.

If you would like to ask us questions directly, please email sales@callingplaces.com or telephone 0208 810 6609 - alternatively, read through our frequently asked questions below.

Questions & Answers:

What are the benefits of ordering PSTN and ISDN lines from us? 

Price reduction - you now have the opportunity to order from /switch to another service provider for cheaper line rental.

Better service - Entacall's UK-based team make sure we do not pass your queries around different departments/offices and you can speak to the same person each time you call in.

Does the quality of the lines ordered through Entacall differ from those ordered directly from BT?

No, BT Retail and Entacall both purchase PSTN+ISDN lines from openreach (a BT group business). Therefore there is no difference in the quality of the line.

What's the difference between "New", "Transfer" and "Change" orders?

New – To provide service for an End User who has no telephone line connected to BT's network. For this type of order, an engineering visit will normally be required. The engineering visit will be undertaken by Openreach on behalf of Entacall.

Transfer – To provide service for an End User with existing BT lines who wishes to transfer them to Entacall. In normal circumstances there will be no break in service during the transfer. BT will contact the End User to advise them that a request has been made to terminate their existing BT contract. BT will then coordinate both the cessation of the End User's existing service, and the commencement of the Entacall service at the address on an agreed date.

Change – already have telephone lines from Entacall and wish to change features on the line (e.g. provide additional network features). This is normally carried out without an engineering visit, unless additional wiring is required.

What's the lead time for the order?

New - 10 working days

Transfer - 10 working days

Change - 3 to 10 working days

Please note above lead times are not guaranteed as it depends on the outcome of site survey.

If I order "New" telephone lines from Entacall, who will install the lines on my customer's premises?

New telephone lines will be installed by an Openreach engineer. The engineer acts to fulfil the purpose of the visit and ensure the End User is satisfied with the work, but will not undertake work beyond the original order.

Can I choose my preferred installation date?

You can state three preferred installation dates on the order form. Openreach will try to match one of these dates. However please bear in mind that the result of the site survey may effect the final installation date. Therefore please do not promise an installation date to your customer without Entacall's confirmation.

Who will inform me the confirmed installation/transfer date?

The confirmed installation/transfer date will be updated on our Member Area which you will be able to access 24/7 with your Entacall username and password.

Who will invoice me for the installation and ongoing charges after I place "New" or "Transfer" orders to Entacall?

Entacall will issue both installation and ongoing rental invoices. We invoice telephone line rental on a monthly basis.

When I transfer my lines to Entacall, do I need to know the exact features on the line when I submit the order?

Yes. You will lose any additional features during the transfer if you do not submit this information on the order. However if this happens you can always submit a “Change” order later on once the line has been transferred to Entacall.

If I have a fault, who do I report it to?

Please report the fault to Entacall by calling 0870 770 9666 and we will handle the fault for you.

All lines ordered through/transferred to Entacall will receive free Level 1 care. (This is equivalent to BT Standard Care)

Faults can also be reported 24/7 by logging into the Entacall website. Faults reported in this way are issued a ticket reference number.

Are telephone lines I order from Entacall required to use Entacall CPS?

No, but by doing so your customers can save around 30% - 70% against BT standard call charges.

If I already use Entacall CPS, and now I want to transfer the line to Entacall, do I need to let you know that the line already uses CPS?

YES. If the line uses Entacall CPS and you wish to retain the CPS on the line, you must state this on the order form CPS retention section. If you do so, then the CPS will be retained on the line during and after the transfer. Please bear in mind if this CPS information is not supplied on the order form then you will lose the CPS during and after the transfer.

How do I place orders?

Please click "Order Now" near the top of this page and follow the instruction.

You can place orders and view your order status online 24/7. Our provisioning team will deal with your order during normal working hours (Mon-Fri 09:00 – 17:30 ).

Are there any limitations on the type of lines that can be transferred to Entacall?

The following are a list of services that cannot be transferred to Entacall:

  • Payphones
  • Access Lines (external extensions, not go through NCCP. etc.)
  • Site lines (e.g. temporary lines. A "site" is defined by BT as having portal cabins/site offices)
  • Feature Lines
  • Feature Net
  • Rented Products (equipment being rented from BT retail)
  • REDABC (obsolete product and cannot be left on line)
  • Cable Lines (Non BT network)
  • NHS Line
  • Virtual Private Network
  • School Internet
  • Switched Multi-Megabit Data Service

If I did not order any features on the line when I submitted the "New" order, and decide to at a later date, how do I inform you?

All you need to do is to submit a “Change” order to us requesting the features you require.

If I have ADSL on the line can I transfer the PSTN line to you?

Yes. All you need to do is to submit a “Transfer” order to us.

Is there anything I can do to speed up the order?

Providing us with as much information as possible always helps. There is an additional Note section on the order form where you can enter any information that you think maybe relevant to the order.


All monthly payment must be made by Direct Debit – from our customers.


Please contact us on 0870 770 9666 for pricing information.

For further information, please Fill out my form!


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*This status page covers the whole of the Calling Places/Entanet network.

Calling Places partners with specialist IT solutions providers. For more information and to ensure your enquiry is directed appropriately, please contact our sales consultants on 0208 810 6609 or sales@callingplaces.com


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