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Data Network


Entanet has invested heavily into developing a high quality, robust network to ensure reliable, high quality connectivity services to customers. By using the best Cisco network equipment and custom built in-house management facilities, we aim to ensure swift, secure transport of your business-critical IP traffic, with comprehensive SLAs guaranteeing 99.999% service availability and less than 0.1% packet loss.

The Entanet backbone stretches from Manchester to Frankfurt, with further connectivity into Amsterdam (AMSIX & NL-ix) and provides, via our vast network of partner organisations, circuits from 2Mbps up to 10Gbps.

Due to Entanetís close working relationship with BT, the company has been highly influential throughout the design, development and implementation stages of BTís 21st Century Network (21CN). This significant involvement coupled with heavy investment has enabled Entanet to develop its own robust Next Generation Network to ensure reliable, high quality connectivity services to its customers, including a new portfolio of wholesale and resale ADSL2+ services.

Entanetis expanding its existing MPLS based network to cover the 20 WBC nodes that form BTís new 21C network, initially using Gigabit Ethernet Multi-Service Interconnect Links (MSILís). As capacity requirements increase at each node the MSILís will be upgraded to 10Gbps connections. By building out to all 20 WBC nodes Entanet is able to take delivery of individual connections onto its own network in order to deliver flexible and innovative solutions.

Peering Arrangements

Entanet currently has over 900 peering sessions established throughout Europe, enabling you to connect directly to a quarter of the Internet from Calling Places without passing across a transit connection. These include:

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Service Status Link:  Entanet Service Status*
*This status page covers the whole of the Calling Places/Entanet network.
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LoNAP - A neutral, not-for-profit and independent peering point, LoNAP has been providing the infrastructure for its members to establish peering and exchange traffic since 1997.

Lipex - Started in October of 2001, Lipex is one of the fastest growing Internet Exchange Points (IXP) or Peering Points in Europe.

LINX - Since 1994, LINX has acted as the focus for development of the Internet infrastructure in the UK and, increasingly, the infrastructure between Europe, North America and Asia. This is reflected by the composition of its membership across the globe - ISPs and other organisations which choose to exchange their Internet traffic here through co-operative peering agreements.

MaNAP - MaNAP is a neutral, not-for-profit Internet Exchange committed to the provision of continuous and resilient layer two ethernet connectivity to operators of Autonomous Systems. Established in 1997, MaNAP is one of Europe's most mature Internet Exchanges. Membership is open to all operators of Autonomous Systems who are willing to sign MaNAP's Memorandum of Understanding.

AMS-IX - AMS-IX is a neutral and independent not-for-profit Internet exchange providing services since the early 1990's, with over 250 connected parties coming from all around the world.

NL-ix - NL-ix is a content oriented Dutch national Internet Exchange, offering reliable 100Mbit/s, 1,000Mbit/s and 10GBit/s ethernet connections to ISP's, hosting providers and media companies for peering purposes.

DE-CIX - DE-CIX is the carrier neutral and independent Internet Exchange in Frankfurt/Germany. Founded in 1995, DE-CIX established an environment for the bilateral settlement-free exchange of Internet traffic. Today DE-CIX has over 190 customers from 20+ nations using peering to lower costs and to increase IP performance. This makes DE-CIX the leading Internet Exchange for Central and Eastern Europe.

Data Centres

Entanet provides data centre space in both Docklands and London City and has three large data floors in its Telford headquarters. Our state of the art data centres provide the optimum server environment, with raised flooring, overhead cable management and air conditioning. All servers are rack-mounted, with 5A, 8A or 10A nominal power per cabinet, UPS power backup and are supported by dual 900kVA diesel generators with automatic 25 second failover to power the whole building in the event of an area-wide power cut. Customers' equipment is protected by rigorous security measures including 24/7 guard patrols, CCTV and multi-point controlled access in the building and the data rooms.


Our portfolio of traditional telecoms services includes line rental, call carrying, marketing numbers, audio conferencing and automated TPS. Calling Places/Entanet partners tier 1 networks ensuring complete confidence in the quality and reliability of your voice services. With extensive nationwide coverage and high quality, innovative services, Calling Places/Entanet provides you and your customers with a comparative choice, competitively rivalling services available from other leading providers.

In addition, Calling Places/Entanet provides innovative IP telephony services. Calling Places/Entanet reliable VoIP platform, developed in house by Calling Places/Entanet team of experienced programmers and system administrators, continuously develop the features and functionality of our VoIP services. We proactively seeks feedback from Partners using and reselling our VoIP services in order to improve and further develop our service. This in turn ensures our Partners are able to easily accommodate the market's emerging demands.

Calling Places/Entanet VoIP is SIP based and suitable for use with SIP capable PBX systems. To meet a variety of customer requirements, four separate service offerings are available. VoIP Express, VoIP Enrich, VoIP Elite and VoIP Easy Access. Customers requiring a SIP PBX system can choose to host the SIP PBX on-site or within one of Calling Places/Entanet state of the art data centres. Calling Places/Entanet also provides the SIP trunks for connection to the SIP PBX system.

Calling Places/Entanet experienced team can support a variety of bespoke requirements, providing you and your customers with a fully supported, comprehensive solution. Previous requests have included the management and installation of several hundred handsets and devices and IVR programming including 3rd party database connection. Due to Calling Places/Entanet custom built platform, we are able to quickly and easily facilitate almost any requirement.

All Calling Places/Entanet services, both voice and data, are fully supported with 24/7 UK based technical support and are continuously monitored by the Network Operations Centre (NOC).

Service Status Link:  Entanet Service Status*
*This status page covers the whole of the Calling Places/Entanet network.

Calling Places partners with specialist IT solutions providers. For more information and to ensure your enquiry is directed appropriately, please contact our sales consultants on 0208 810 6609 or email sales@callingplaces.com

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