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Inbound UK & International Numbers

DID (Direct Inward Dialing)

Virtual Phone Numbers also called DID (Direct Inward Dialing) is a service that enables customers to be reached directly at their own phone numbers by subscribers of other networks, including PSTN - regular telecom lines. TalkFree offers geographical phone numbers from more than 30 countries from all over the world. Each country is divided by areas (cities). For example you can have a number from London, New York, Bejing, Room etc. Each account can be associated with one phone number.

Using the service: immediately after successfully completing the order, your service is ready to use. You can make a test by calling the number from a regular PSTN phone. The call should ring on your VoIP phone . Before the test make sure that your VoIP adapter is online and registered.

Unlimited Incoming calls when you purchase a local USA, UK or Pakistani number for your family to call you!  *See full list of countries with local numbers.

No longer does your family need to pay expensive international long distance charges to call your mobile number.  Get a number today and start saving your family money.




Make your number Follow you. Have your Local Number Ring to your mobile phone, home phone or any phone using our Follow Me feature. * per minute usage fee applies

One easy number for your family to remember. They dial the number and it rings where ever you are located.

Bring your world closer. With Talk-Free, friends and family overseas can call you for the price of a local call! Calling Places offers Talk-Free phone numbers in major cities of 40 countries to add to your existing phone service. When you choose a number in a city where your family and friends live, they will be able to call you for the price of a local call.

For example, if you live in Egypt, and choose a number in London, England, your friends and family in London will be able to dial your local London number and reach you in Egypt. You'll save them a fortune!

What are DIDs?

DIDs are Direct Inward Dial numbers or a number that someone can call you. 

DIDs are linked to an account you create in your panel

What are the charges for DIDs?

Monthly Recurring Fee

DID have a monthly recurring charge.  This charge includes :

  • Rental fee for the number

  • Unlimited incoming calls

Set Up Fee

DID have a one time setup fee.   This fee is to turn on the service.

Follow Me usage fee

DID Follow Me feature have a per minute charge to forward the number.  If they are forward the number to a UAE mobile it will cost the customer the set rate per minute to call UAE mobile.


Provide ONE number for your families to remember. 
This number can ring to their mobile, work, home any number they would like.   
Reduce the cost for your family to call you. 
If they currently are paying international long distance charges to call your mobile number they can buy a number and help you family save money.  


You are in UAE and your family is in USA. You purchases a USA DID number from Calling Places. Your family in the USA can call a USA DID number. No longer is it an international long distance call for them to call him in the UAE.  Your family saves money

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