What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a way to use your broadband Internet connection to make free and very cheap telephone calls.

How do I use it?

When you use VoIP you pick up a telephone, hear a dial-tone, and dial any number just as you would with a standard telephone line. You do not need to enter any special codes to do this. Simply use it like a standard telephone line.

You can also receive calls through VoIP as well – Calling Places provides you with a new standard UK landline telephone number (you can select the area code you want) with every account.

How does it work?

You can use our VoIP in one of two ways. The most popular way is to use a small box (called an ATA) that plugs into your broadband router. You then attach a normal telephone handset to the ATA and you can start making and receiving calls.

ATA is an abbreviation of Analogue Terminal Adapter – a device that turns a normal phone handset into a handset capable of making and receiving VoIP calls.

Alternatively you can use an IP Phone instead of the ATA/standard handset method. An IP phone replaces the need for a separate ATA and handset and it plugs directly into your broadband router. IP phones often include a lot of extra features (such as detailed on-screen display and electronic contacts list).

What free or low cost calls do I get?

If you make a call to a phone number that is on your VoIP account then the call is completely free of charge. This is known as an ‘on-net’ call. Anytime you make a call to someone with on your VoIP accounts Calling Places automatically recognises this and does not charge you for the call. Calls between users are made completely free of charge.

As well as the benefits of free calls between your VoIP users, you also benefit from very low cost UK and international calls (sometimes called ‘break-out’ or ‘off-net’ calls). You could use Calling Places VoIP to replace your current telephone service to potentially reduce call charges. See the rates table for complete details of Calling Places low cost charges.

Can I take my VoIP service with me?

Yes. You can take your ATA or your IP Phone with you and connect them to a broadband router anywhere in the world. Your device still benefits from free calls and you make low cost calls and receive calls as if you were in the UK (as your VoIP telephone number is UK based).

What extra features are available?

You have access to an online control panel where you can manage call features (such as voicemail, call screening, call forwarding…etc.) on your account, see your call history in real-time and more.

Please contact Calling Places Technical Support if:

  • You require further VoIP accounts
  • You would like to add additional numbers to your current Calling Places VoIP account
  • You experience any problems configuring the enclosed equipment to work with your Calling Places VoIP account

Calling Places technical Support: 0208 810 6609

How do i manage my Calling Places VoIP Account?

You can manage all your VoIP settings and view your call history on the VoIP Control Panel.

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